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At Auburn Hills Family Dentistry, we offer sedation dentistry in Dacula, GA. We believe that every patient deserves comfortable care in a relaxing environment, and Dr. Haycock works with patients of all ages to reduce dental anxiety and help you get the treatment you need. Whether you suffer from serious dental anxiety or you’re just a bit nervous about an upcoming procedure like a dental filling, sedation may be a great option for you.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is most commonly used to help treat dental anxiety. If you’re nervous about coming to the dentist, sedation can help you feel more relaxed and calm.

However, sedation dentistry can also be helpful with other common problems at the dentist. It  can help you stay still and comfortable during a long dental procedure. Sedation can also be used to help with things like fear of numbing needles, or to reduce your gag reflex. At our office, we exclusively use minimal inhaled sedation (also called laughing gas). This method of sedation is administered through a comfortable nose mask.

How Can Sedation Help With My Dental Anxiety?

Sedation with laughing gas makes you feel more disconnected from what’s happening around you, and also provides feelings of happiness, minimizing negative feelings, thoughts, and emotions. This helps halt dental anxiety, and ensures that you feel safe and calm during your treatment.

What Is The Process Of Laughing Gas Sedation Like?

Not sure what to expect from the process of laughing gas sedation? The procedure is quite simple, and allows you to get the sedation you need to fight back against anxiety with no discomfort.

To begin, Dr. Josh Haycock will simply place a comfortable mask over your nose. You will breathe in through your nose and inhale whenever he instructs you to do so. Then, he will dispense a specific amount of laughing gas mixed with oxygen. You will inhale through your nose, and the gas will enter your lungs and your bloodstream immediately. 

Over the course of your treatment, you will continue to inhale nitrous oxide through your nose mask whenever instructed to do so. Dr. Haycock will closely control and monitor your dosage to ensure you stay comfortable throughout your procedure at Auburn Hills Family Dentistry.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Sedation Dentistry

  • Will I be unconscious? No. Unlike deeper forms of sedation (oral conscious and IV sedation) you will not lose consciousness or feel drowsy with laughing gas. You will remain relatively alert, though you may feel a bit confused while you are sedated.
  • How long will the effects last? Laughing gas only lasts between 3-5 minutes after the flow of gas has stopped, so you will recover almost immediately. You can even drive yourself home or go back to work after your appointment. You may feel some minor after-effects like headache or nausea, but these should subside relatively quickly.
  • Will I feel any pain or discomfort? In most cases, the combination of laughing gas and a topical numbing agent is enough to completely eliminate any pain or discomfort. However, this does depend on your personal pain tolerance. It is possible that you may feel some slight discomfort during some procedures if you have a very low pain threshold.

Can I Be Sedated During Any Procedure At Auburn Hills Family Dentistry?

Yes. We make it a point to provide patients of all ages and all types with comfortable care. If you have dental anxiety, we can offer nitrous oxide sedation for your treatment, even if you’re just getting a routine teeth cleaning. 

Because laughing gas is a very mild sedative, this also does not cause any inconveniences for the rest of your day. Unlike other methods of sedation like IV sedation or oral conscious sedation, laughing gas wears off in about 5 minutes, rather than 4-6 hours. You can drive yourself home or even go back to work right after you get your treatment, enhancing the convenience of your dental care at Auburn Hills Family Dentistry.

Am I A Good Candidate For Sedation Dentistry?

You are likely a good candidate for sedation dentistry with laughing gas as long as you are healthy, and have no major respiratory issues, serious health problems, or past history of drug abuse.

Overall, nitrous oxide sedation is very safe, but Dr. Haycock will still need to discuss your health history and the safety of the treatment with you before you can be sedated. This ensures a minimal risk of complications. Contact us for an appointment and get started right away. 

Is Laughing Gas Sedation Offered For Kids At Auburn Hills Family Dentistry?

Yes! Laughing gas sedation is appropriate for patients of all ages, as long as they are healthy and a good candidate for treatment. If your child is nervous about an upcoming dental appointment, such as a filling or the preparation for a dental crown, laughing gas can be an excellent way to relieve their anxiety.

With laughing gas, your child will feel safe and comfortable at Auburn Hills Family Dentistry, and will be able to get the dental care they need with less stress and anxiety. Along with numbing, laughing gas prevents them from feeling any pain or discomfort.

They also will remain fully alert, conscious, and responsive to commands. This means you can still comfort them and be there for them if they’re feeling nervous and anxious, which is a great thing. For all of these reasons, nitrous oxide sedation is typically the best option for kids of all ages.

Your Comfort Is Our Top Priority

We know that it can be intimidating to get dental care if you have anxiety. But at Auburn Hills Family Dentistry, we provide pain-free, gentle, and comforting care. Contact us now at (678) 804-8818 to schedule an appointment, or stop by our office at 1862 Auburn Road, Suite 103, Dacula, GA 30019.

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