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Pediatric Dentist in Dacula

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Your child's teeth are important and we’d be thrilled to help keep their teeth clean and healthy while reinforcing good dental habits for life.

What’s the best way to have good dental habits for life? By learning good dental habits when you’re young.

While this includes the daily habit of brushing and flossing, it’s also important that kids become comfortable with the idea of dental visits. Regular cleanings and exams are important for good dental health.

That said, taking our kids to the dentist isn’t always fun. Most parents aren’t big fans of dentist visits, and children often feel the same way.

The good news is that, by being a great example for your kids and making them feel as comfortable as possible, you can help them keep their mouths and teeth clean and problem-free.

We’d love to help, as well, by offering a comfortable, safe, and fun environment for children. Whether you need a great dentist for regular preventative services – cleanings and checkups – or you need help in the way of dealing with a problem, we’ve got you covered.

Pediatric Dentist in Dacula

Learn more about the services we provide to our younger patients here or call 678-804-8818 if you’d like to set up an appointment.

Cleaning & Prevention

Many dental problems begin to show up early, which is why it’s so important your child regularly see a pediatric dentist that can do regular cleanings and checkups. If we identify a problem early – or prevent one – it will save you and your child a tremendous amount of discomfort and money down the line.

For example, if one of your child’s teeth starts to decay early and we catch it, we can usually remedy the problem with a filling. On the other hand, if the decay gets too bad, part or all of the tooth might be lost, meaning your child will need a silver cap until the tooth is replaced by a permanent tooth. This is an expensive and sometimes painful situation to go through, whereas regular checkups and the occasional filling are pretty routine.

Beyond preventing these sorts of problems through cleanings and exams, we also provide fluoride treatments and dental sealants, making sure that we ward off that nasty decay, and we can fit your child with a mouth guard if he or she is a grinder. Also, if your child is just growing their choppers, we’ll be happy to give them fun tutorials on how to brush and floss properly.

Restorative Services

Sometimes you do things right and you still end up with problems. Teeth are like eyes – everyone has a different likelihood for developing issues, and it’s important you catch the problem as quickly as possible to keep damage at a minimum. Tooth decay can cause all kinds of troubles, including infection, toothaches, and – as we mentioned above – the loss of the tooth.

That’s why, when decay is identified, it’s important that it’s looked at, which usually will result in a filling. At Auburn Hills, we use tooth-colored fillings, making the filled tooth inconspicuous and natural-looking.

If the problem does go beyond a bit of surface decay, we might need to look at placing a cap over it once the decay is removed, since removing the decay might mean removing part of the tooth.

Emergency Dentistry

Sometimes dental problems can’t wait. When your child begins complaining about serious pain and discomfort, the underlying cause could be serious, meaning you need to get in to see us as soon as possible. That’s why we make ourselves available same day when possible to make sure that the problem is addressed quickly.

If you think your child is experiencing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to call us now at 678-804-8818.

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Promoting Good Dental Habits for Life

Whether you’ve moved, are unhappy with your current dentist, or your child is ready for their first visit, we’d be thrilled to help keep their teeth clean and healthy while reinforcing good dental habits for life. Come visit your Dacula pediatric dentist today!

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